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Packing a backpack for a long-distance journey

This is the first time I am using a backpack and I decided to do so because I got fed up with my suitcase. On my tour in Thailand, since we were the youngest in the group, we were always given the rooms on the top floor and it was not easy carrying 23 kilos, plus hand luggage, to the fifth or sixth floor. On my travel around Europe I got calluses on my hands, so that’s reason enough to give a backpack a chance. Plus, we will visit hundred cities on our next journey.

I borrowed a backpack from a friend (Ivana, thanks a million). She explained a few tricks – different ways you can access your backpack, which part of your back should carry the load, how to put it on….so I decided to share all this advice with you.

So, what should you bring for a 17-day journey to a warm destination, without going too far?! Years of travel have helped me decide exactly what I need and what to bring, without carrying too many things just in case.

Without Okapi towels I don’t go anywhere anymore. They are fantastic. They dry within 2 hours, they are easily packed, practical and don’t take half as much space as regular towels. They really have many usages, from travel, to sport. I really recommend them.

I bought bags for packing underwear, shoes, and jewelry in Vulkan bookstores and I used them for packing underwear, bathing suits and different chargers for phones and cameras, headphones, AC adapters, battery chargers for GoPro.

It’s a 65-liter backpack and has quite a lot of space for all the stuff shown in the pictures. At the bottom of the backpack I put shoes (there is a separate compartment at the bottom as well as the top of the backpack). Okapi towels I stored on the floor of the bag because it is easy to reach. At the top of the bag I packed everything I will need most frequently, and at the top of the backpack I put a bag with underwear. It is recommended that you put the heaviest items in the middle of the backpack bag.

The weight of the backpack should be on the lower back, that’s why there’s a waist belt on it. It is very important that you lift a full backpack correctly. Take the handle of the backpack with your left hand, as shown in the picture.

With the other hand hold the left strap (your left when you’re facing the picture). The strap goes on the right shoulder, and the hand that holds the handle goes above your head. All that is left is to slip your left arm through the left strap and the backpack is on your back. I hope I managed to explain this and that you have an idea what this should look like.

I would advise you to have a “packing rehearsal” before the trip, so that you can evaluate how much you can actually carry on your back and get rid of the excess. You don’t want to condemn yourself to a backpack that is too heavy.

The backpack has a bag at the bottom in case of rain, so you don’t have to dry everything you brought with you.

On the back there is an adjustable frame. Adjust it depending on your height.

I have to say I’m delighted with Happy Jackson products that make travelling easier and prettier and you can get them in Vulkan book stores.  Passport holder, bag tag, wallet for money, passport, tickets, jewelry bag.

I will let you know about my impressions on travelling with the backpack. I hope to have better experience in these long-distance travels, than with a suitcase.

All photos by: Danica

Camera used: HTC 10

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