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Tricks for getting cheap airline tickets

I have already written about flying via low-cost airlines, but it often happens that we have to travel with airlines whose ticket prices are significantly higher. It happens that when we recalculate the cost of transport to an airport where we fly from, the cost of luggage and airline tickets in low-cost carriers, the total amount is about the same price as ticket in more expensive airline, which includes a meal on an airplane, drink without even flinching during the filght, without 2- 4 hours travelling to the airport.


Earrings from Berlin

Tricks that I use for getting reduced fares are:

  • Operate exclusively in incognito browser window and delete cookies, because it often happens that after the expiry of the session or re-search, the ticket price increases due to the number of visits of the page.
  • Buy the tickets on Tuesdays and Wednesdays because most airlines do not expect a big sale than, and often at the same time, a lot of airlines place various types of promotions.
  • I travel on Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday because they are not to crowded days. Most people travel on Friday, Sunday and Monday.
  • If you do not have exactly defined when to arrive somewhere, you can search prices of flights for the entire month.
  • I always apply to the Email Alert, because I will get an email in case of tickets getting cheaper or I will be informed about cheap tickets to the destinations that I asked for.
  • I am following special offers made my airlines on their Facebook page. On my Facebook page Danica’s Small World, you will also find information about promotions.
  • Travel off-seasons are also very cost-effective, especially in the winter months, when the number of passengers is  significantly reduced. Airlines in that periods of time offer additional discounts on airline tickets.
  • Tickets are more expensive during the holidays. Plan to purchase tickets much earlier for these periods.

Earrings from London

I hope that my tricks will be helpful to you in your next purchase.


Earrings from Barcelona

Let me know if you have any trick that I have not mentioned. Let’s all of us travel for less money  🙂


Earrings from Amsterdam

P.S. At first glance, pictures have nothing to do with finding favorable airline tickets. They represent my collection of earrings in different cities where I flew with tickets purchased on the basis of the above tricks.


Earrings from St. Petersburg

All photos by: Danica

Camera used: HTC 10

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  1. Sjajne preporuke!!! I ja se uvek inkognitiram kad cackam po tim sajtovima 🙂 I stvarno je vece uzivanje putovati van sezone ili radnim danom, kada se ne ceka u kilometarskim redovima ili probija kroz guzvu 🙂


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