Milan – a combination of history, culture, fashion and sports

Milan is an association of high fashion, glamour and style. What comes to your mind when someone mentions Milan? Fashion Week is the first think for me. Indeed, girls are glamorous, restaurants are glamorous, buildings are magnificent. Okay, maybe people rushing ahead of you next to Duomo offering you to buy corn you would feed birds with are not glamorous. I do not like aggressiveness. In Nara, Japan, I did not have to run away from boring sellers of cookies for deer. If I want to feed them, I buy the cookies and do so.

This is my second visit to Milan and it was worth to return to this city. I was flying from Niš by Ryanair  for 20 euros. Return ticket from Belgrade to Niš is 1720 RSD. Bus stop is near the airport, just ask the driver before leaving from Belgrade. Ryanair lands in Bergamo, where you can take the bus for 8 euros (return ticket) to reach Milan.

Ticket price of public transport in Milan, all shapes and sizes of them, is 1.5 EUR and lasts 90 min. Tickets can be purchased at metro stations, tabaccherie (little letter T), at kiosks. There are also options to purchase tickets valid for 24 hours which cost EUR 4.5 and 48 hours, which costs 8.5 euros. Package of 10 tickets costs 13.80 EUR. Children under 6 years ride for free.


In the vicinity of Milan, you can visit Lake Como, Genoa, Monca.

Sport in Milan

If you have a wish to attend a good match or race brought in Milan, you should visit the Giuseppe Meazza stadium (familiar as the San Siro) in which Inter Milan (former club of Dejan Stanković and Siniša Mihajlović) and A.C. Milan (former club of Dejan Savićević) are playing football. Stadium can be reached by Metro line M5. For a complete tour of the stadium you would need 17.34 EUR. TTickets for the game can be bought at Intesa Sanpaolo branches or at the stadium on game day at a price of 20 EUR (maybe less, but I do not have this information). A real treat was watching Della Madonna – Milan city derby.

An interesting fact is that the first musical concert was held in the concert Bob Marley.

In Monca, which is near to Milan, less than an hour by car, and only 11 minutes by train, you can enjoy Italian’s Grand Prix Formula 1.

Can not be ignored either basketball, especially if we remember that in this famous club played Dejan Bodiroga and Aleksandar Đorđevic, a now perform Mačvan Milan and Miroslav Raduljica. I’m talking about Olimpia Milano and from 2011 known as the EA7 Emporio Armani. The famous fashion designer, Giorgio Arman is the owner of the club. Interesting combination.

Fashion in Milan

Milan is a city for all. For those with very deep pockets who can afford expensive things to those with a little less money in their pocket 🙂 The discounts can be found any time of year. I could not resist to treat myself, with an excuse – but it is my birthday and not just any, but the special one. 🙂 Malls Coin, Upim, all the shops in the street Vittorio Emanuel II and Como street in a part of town called Porto Garibaldi have great discounts.

Historical and cultural heritage in Milan

Milan really has something to show when it comes to historical heritage. Not as much, for example, as Rome or Florence but one look at the Duomo will leave you breathless. While exiting the station right on the plateau in front of the Duomo, you will feel so grateful to have the opportunity to enjoy this unique masterpiece, built in the Gothic style.


Allow yourself the view from the top of the Duomo. Enjoy close to the sky and the phenomenal statue of Milan’s Cathedral.


Although it was built over 6 centuries ago, you will see a constant renovations. It was built of bricks, but later covered with white marble. St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome is the largest cathedral in the area of Italy, Duomo occupies a different place, the fifth in the world. 3160 Statues contributes majesty of this cathedral. They say that the weight of all the statues is 325 000 ton. Wow!


The statue of Madonina, whose height is 4m, is at the top of the Duomo. The figure is gilded and represents the symbol of Milan. The total height of the Cathedral with the statue is 108m. By tradition, none of the buildings should be higher than the Duomo. The first building exceeded this height is the Pirelli building, and this building has a copy of the statue of Madonna at the top, set out to respect the tradition.


To visit Duomo, the cathedral where Napoleon was crowned to be a king, is charged 2 Euros. If you want to climb to the terrace: on foot (250 steps, just so you know what you’re getting into) – 9 EUR, elevator – 13 EUR. To visit the Duomo Museum is 6 euros. Duomo and all the facilities you may visit from 9 to 19h. Last ticket can be purchased an hour before closing, and they’ll kick you out of the cathedral half an hour before closing. If you are older than 65, younger than 26 or a family traveling, you can get cheaper tickets. Inquire about these options at the counters. Prices are almost twice reduced.

There are also cumulative ticket:

  • Duomo A pass which includes a tour of the Duomo cathedral, with the terrace elevator, Duomo Museum and the Church of San Gotardo and is valid for 72 hours from first visit of the attraction. It costs 16 EUR (regular price).
  • Duomo B pass includes a tour of the Duomo cathedral, pedestrian terraces, museums and churches Duomo San Gotardo and is valid for 72 hours from first visit of the attraction. It costs 12 EUR (regular price).


Pinacoteca di Brera in Milan in a beautiful neighborhood – Brera. The collection work can be viewed online at the following link – The most famous acts from the collection can be seen at the following link – Through Brera you certainly need to walk. Top experience!

Gallery Vittorio Emanuele II – extraordinary masterpiece turned into a shopping center with the most expensive brands.


It feels like you are walking through the most beautiful museum with fantastic mosaics and glass ceilings.


On the ceiling of the Gallery all the continents are shown. However, the most interesting detail for tourists is Taurus done in a mosaic. It is always crowded around it. There is a belief that if you stand on the bull testicles with your fifth and turn around three times in circle, will have a lot of luck or you will be back in Milan.


Scala (Teatro alla Scala) – famous opera house. The building from the outside does not give the impression of one so famous institution, but the interior certainly justifies all expectations. Ticket prices for opera are ranging from 31.20 EUR to 276 euros. Please note that the visit to Scala includes a special dress code. There are guided tours, but for this service you need to send mail to: There is also Scala museum tour and the price is 7 euros.

Castello Sforzesco, Parco Sempione, Arco della Pace – in fact, almost all tourist attractions are in the center of Milan. One such is the Sempione Park, which is bordered on one end of the trap Sforzesco, and on the other side of the gate of Peace (Arco della Pace).


Admission to the castle is free, but the visits to museums (there are even 6 within the castle) is charged and costs EUR 5.


Filarete tower, now the main entrance to the castle, was used as a warehouse for ammunition during the French occupation. For the decoration of the castle Bramante was responsible (done frescoes in the Sala del Tesoro) and Leonardo da Vinci (done ceiling in the Sala delle Asse).


Arco della Pace  is one of (according to my research) 99 arches of triumph in the world, some of them are Roman, some post-Roman. If someone has a different info, let me know, so I wouldn’t embarrass in public 🙂 carriage at the top of the gate was originally turned to France, but after the Austrian conquest, it was turned towards the city center. Napoleon III and Vittorio Emanuel II victoriously entered the city through the Gate of Peace.


Branca Tower is another attraction of the park. It was built in 68 days. The height of the tower is not allowed to exceed the height of the Duomo, at Mussolini’s orders.

In the church of Santa Maria delle Grazie is the famous “Last Supper“.

What should you, in addition, try and know:

  • Eataly – the temple of Italian food. If you weren’t there, you were not in Milan – point.
  • wine with lunch or dinner. Italians prefer to enjoy their meal without haste and with a glass of wine. For breakfast eat croissants and drink coffee, enjoy your meals with the other. If you find yourself in Chinatown, do not miss one of the few Italian restaurants in that part of town – Al Vecchio Porco. Top pork. The interior is quite interesting. A part of it you can see in the picture.


  • Baci chocolates – the best chocolates in the world. Along the way they come up with idea to put a smile on your face by adding message in the foil, in four languages.
  • Gelato – because … the best ice cream in the world. Whether it is -25 degrees outside, or +47 degrees, the ice cream is must in Italy. All recommendations for Ice Cream Van Bol & Feste near Castello Sforzesco.


  • after the inevitable espresso, order ammazzacaffe (in translation, the killer coffee), a small glass of liqueur after (the Italians drink it after the coffee in order to alleviate the taste of the same).
  • Visit the street Brera – cocktails with which you can get some food for small amounts of money.
  • When you get the receipt in a restaurant, and you see paragraph “coperto” do not be surprised. It covers tip and bread, which sometimes you don’t even get. It varies from 10 to 20%, depending on the exclusivity of the restaurant where you sit.
  • Porta Nuova – very interesting, modern place with a modern, futuristic buildings. Menu people especially liked two exactly the same buildings with numerous terraces, and on each terrace there is a tree.
  • Bottega dell’Arte del Vino – at first glance inconspicuous, wineries that you may barely notice near the central station. But also offers a good selection of wines. Good luck!
  • Navigli area with canals – yes, Milano also has channels whose original purpose was to transfer marble for Duomo. There Grand Canal – Grande and Naviglio Pavese canal. Be sure to visit!

I was on the road with my old parents (now their response will be – you granny is old) and I did not expect that they will follow my pace, or that we will be able to tend it all, but … I slope to the floor for my “old parents”. Mom breaks records in visiting stores.

I hope I managed to convey to you the beauty of Milan and you will have plenty of material when you are planning a Milan tour.

All photos by: Danica

Camera used: HTC 10, Nikon D3000

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