Midnight Waltz In Salzburg

We have two hours to midnight. Every family has got a ton of fireworks and are racing to win the shooting competition. Shooting from all around us on the way to Salzburg. We’re starving, so as soon as we arrived in the town, we started chasing for sausages and some hot drinks … it’s pretty cold and I am stockings under trousers and a scarf that I wear only in critical situations. Punch made of red wine, cinnamon and sugar – bingo. Stroling around in Getreidegasse, Salzburg’s most famous street and side streets. Each is tempting and beautifully decorated. The city is made up nicely for New Year and Christmas holidays. Narrow streets with decorated doors and windows.

Falling in love with every third showcase – Christmas tree ornaments for sale at unbelievable prices, starting from 25 euros for the smallest ball. But they are all so beautiful.

We decided to stop at the pub and toast before kisses at midnight, because on the main square is pretty boring atmosphere. We found rare pub that works. Waiters rush, telling us that we have arrived at the last minute because they will close the kitchen. We order a knuckle and one liter of beer, that is how it’s done in this part of the world.


Before midnight we come to the Residenzplatz. We all count down the last 10 seconds before the bells from the Salzburg Cathedral ring, the fireworks and the first bars of Strauss’s waltz “The Blue Danube Waltz” are mixing together. The sound filled the entire market and everybody dances, everybody laughs, everybody are wishing love and happiness to each other. And the two of us danced. Rhythm took us, euphoria and collective happiness. We wished each other some good wishes.


Center of events, however, was around the bridges – mostly around Mozart’s bridge. Thousands of people watched fireworks, they all came out of the bars and clubs.

Salzburg is Mozart’s hometown and around every corner, they are proud of this fact. In front of Mozart’s monument, you can hear the children’s laughter from the rink. He says: “Do you want to skate?”. I do not know how to survive on ice in these boots. I have phobia of ice 🙂

We did not resist the charms of pastry Fürst at Alter Markt in where you can taste the original Mozart balls. We also visited Tomaselli, the oldest pastry shop in Salzburg. Be sure to try Einspänner (black coffee with whipped cream and powdered sugar) and inevitable Sacher cake. You can order cake from a lady who wears different cakes around her neck. The waiter knows several languages and in Serbian language he knows how to say – Good day.


We climb on foot to Festung Hohensalzburg, the oldest preserved fortress from the 11th century. I felt like I was dying of fatigue, it was too hot for me and I did not care for a magical view of the city or for promise that I’ll have punch and eat a pretzel on top. I moved on only after promise that we would return to the city by cable car 🙂


It was worth of it. The view is fantastic. The content of the fort is quite interesting. We visited the museum of puppets.


When we went down by cable car , we spotted “Love grotto“. At the entrance it says: “One kiss and love this grotto and your love will be everlasting!”. I’m not a fan of such actions, but why not. In Julia’s house in Verona, all couples who have left the names on the wall, broke up within 3 months after return. Not that I’m superstitious, but I do not want to risk. 🙂

On Kapitelplatz, we found the sculpture “The golden sphere” project of the Salzburg’s Foundation, about whose integration into the architecture of the market were a lot of controversy. It is a man standing with a golden sphere.


We could not reach to Mirabel castle. Snow started. We barely found parking space. I recommend you to visit castle and to leave me comments if there is a need to go back to Salzburg 🙂

We left the romantic streets of Salzburg, irresistible Mozart balls and beautiful decorative balls for Christmas tree and we proceeded to Graz. About magic Graz I am writting in the next post.

All photos by: Danica, Vlada

Camera used: HTC 10

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