Day in the Thai jungle, night in the house made of bamboo


For a quality stay in the jungle, you need:

  • happy and singing Thai guide who will ask you every few hundred meters in Serbian language: “How are you?” and he will answer for you: “I’m fine”


  • plenty of water,
  • things for the hell of heat and all kind of “just in case” stuff, all of this in the smallest possible backpack,
  • 4 Koreans, 2 Chinese, 1 Cambodian and several Serbs different ages, with sticks in their hands, which will make the adventure even more interesting,


  • 2 or 3 dogs (if you heard something next to your legs, to convince yourself that was just a dog. God knows that there is no snakes in jungle 🙂 )


  • 1 mosquito spray (purchased in Thailand, because mosquitoes developed an immune system on European spays, in other words – you would poison yourself for nothing),
  • super comfy shoes,
  • one good (crazy) friend who will  announce that she had seen the serpent there, two feet from your feet, with the same expression as if telling you that it’s Tuesday, but it will not hurt you if you do not touch it,


  • someone who will constantly be at the head of the column and someone who complains at the end of the column,
  • and the strongest will (or a special kind of insanity) to walk 6 km in one direction by the steepest land, covered with various types of plants that are constantly mingling between your legs, while the sun burns your scalp ruthlessly.


You hike over 3 hours, after drenched in sweat for the 16th time, sing a Chinese song (click on a link to learned the song. Without this knowledge you can not go into the jungle) and after 9 drunk bottles of water, we were arriving in the village, where you get a thin mat, a blanket, a pillow and a warm meal. No Wi-Fi, splashed with water in the toilet outside of building, sleeping in the cottage built of planks of bamboo.


One of the happiest days of my life, one of the best events in my travels. So many rises passed. Just when you think you can not go more, you pull the last atom of strength and move on.


We, Koreans, Chinese, Cambodian, Thai people and the rest of the Serbs around a fire, drinking Chang beer, chatting in our version of English ….

Preparation for sleep consists of spraying against mosquitoes, dressing everything you brought, because the temperature drops drastically at night, covering and searching for comfortable positions on the boards of bamboo for sleeping with a smile on our faces.


You see, I may have my own madness and a little bit different views of spending holidays, but definitely recommend to change the rhythm a bit, find some different arrangements and spend the holiday diametrically opposite of each holiday spent so far.

ขอบคุณค่ะ – pronounce with hands clasped in prayer, head slightly inclined forward

Jungle Tribe, travel agency, organized the twenty-day visit to Thailand, during which we spent two days in the jungle near the city of Chiang Mai. About the benefits of Chiang Mai I will be writing in the next post.

All photos by: Danica, Milica

Camera used: Nikon D3000

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