10 things to do in Brugge

Bruges / Brugge is the most romantic city in the world. I felt like someone pushed me into a Disney fairy tale. All those streets, colorful houses of bricks with jalousie, decorated with flowers in the colors of various caps, charming, hidden premises and shops. Like the most beautiful love song. I want to get back to the Belgian fairy tale over and over again. This was my second visit to Bruges and I hadn’t forgotten why I fell in love in it from the first visit and it settled on the list of my favorite Top 5 cities.

Brugge is the largest city of the Belgian province of West Flanders. The historical city center is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Also, it is called the Venice of the north because of the many canals that surround it.

The city became popular after the movie “In Bruges” … which should be seen before going to this fantastic-magical city.

Despite variety of facilities, a very important thing, that makes this city more attractive are people who are willing to help you in every step of the road, in perfect English. They are all speaking it very well.

Be sure not to miss:

1. The main city square – the Grote Markt, which was once a center of trade. In a market dominated Belfort tower and Provinciaal Hof, the old Law Courts. Horses and carriages city, of course, contribute to the beauty of this market. Rent carriage, tuck under the soft blanket and start an unforgettable tour. An interesting fact is that horses must undergo six-month training before they are allowed to drive.

2. Belfry Belfrot consists of 47 melodic bell tower. It is possible to visit Belfort tower and costs EUR 10 for adults. While standing in line, you can get information about the history and construction of this unique symbol of the city.

3. Burg Square where it is located townhouse – Renaissance Hall. Square adorn the building in the Gothic and Renaissance styles, with many restaurants and cafes. Surrounded by Landhuis van het Brugse Vrije – Palace of the Liberty of Bruges from the right, Heilig-Bloedbasiliek – Basilica of the Holy Blood in the corner of the square. On this square, I experienced one of the most beautiful sunsets, listening to the melodious music from Belfort belfry and eating my favorite cookies from the supermarket La Cure Gourmande Rivoli.

4. Be sure to try stoverij met Frieten – beef stew with red wine and fried potatoes Belgian way, which can be found in one of the 9 restaurants with Michelin star.

5. Waffle is a mandatory thing – I visited Cafe au Lait. At first I felt sorry to direct a fork towards a waffle – because it really looks fantastic. Of course, the famous Belgian chocolate is something that should not be missed, but I am sure that you already know this.

6. Throughout Belgium you will have the opportunity to run into small shops whose sole business is selling fries. You can get it in cone or box dressed with ketchup, mustard or some spreads according to your wishes

7. Try the local beer in one of the sweet, tucked cafes. You always get cheese to nibble next to it. If you see tablecloths on every corner, do not be surprised. This is the main souvenir.

8. Take a ride on canals and get to know the city from a totally different perspective. Near the Burg Square, you can buy a ticket for a ride.

9. Find a frog on the monument near the Burg Square. Legend says it brings eternal love to person who kisses it. I tried 🙂


10. Consider visiting Knokke-a, a town a little more than half an hour away from Brugge. It’s very seductive, at sea side, with spacious beaches and various activities when the weather is nice. I did not resist to dip my feet in the water, even though it was not so warm.


All photos by: Danica i Miloš

Camera used: HTC 10 phone, Nikon D3100

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